About Faculty

Faculty of Natural Resources and Geoscience of University of Kashan started its activities in September 2009 in MA and PhD and has been active in watershed management, desertification, ecotourism, and geography in MA and watershed and combating desertification in PhD programs.

In human beings’ lives, soil and water play an essential role in the social, economic and political stability of societies. Therefore, the purpose of this group is to train specialized and efficient students in the management of rangelands and the comprehensive management of the country's watersheds, management and proper exploitation of water and soil resources, and erosion prevention from wind, water, and floodswhich lead to the loss of soil and the filling of dams and advancement of sand dunes.


Head of the Faculty

Dr. Reza Ghazavi

Tel:            (+98)3155913222

Fax:           (+98)3155983222

Email:        ghazavi@kashanu.ac.ir

Website:    https://faculty.kashanu.ac.ir/ghazavi/en



Deputy of Education

Dr. Rasol Heidary Sooreshjani

Tel:            (+98)3155913226

Fax:           (+98)3155983222

Email:        Rasol_heidary@kashanu.ac.ir

Website:    https://faculty.kashanu.ac.ir/rasolheidary/en



Deputy of Research

Dr. Abasali Vali

Tel:            (+98)3155913246

Fax:           (+98)3155983222

Email:         vali@kashanu.ac.ir

Website:    https://faculty.kashanu.ac.ir/vali/en