Geography and Ecotourism

Iran is a country in the transitional stage from a traditional lifestyle to urban lifestyle and for future decades will have rapid urban growth and on the other side, the current cities due to its history and duration of life in some parts of the aging process. Therefore, the training of experts in this field in the preparation and implementation of plans in terms of urban and regional planning expertise will suffice. Now, geography and urban planning can help to solve urban problems with a massive planning for the country and has a special place for itself. In our country, the need for many experts and professionals in the field can be felt and various universities of the country have tried to establish this field. The managers also feel the need of fields such as urban planning. And many city managers try to learn this knowledge in the university and from others resources. While a few years ago, few mayors in the country had a degree in geography and planning and urbanism, today that number has risen sharply and gradually and other managers has felt the need to acquire the knowledge of this field.

Applications of this discipline at all levels of society are as follows: land use planning, geographic information systems planning, Transportation Planning, housing coordinator, park planning, and counseling particularly relevant to regional, urban, and urban tourism development. In addition to the capabilities of a planner for the city, graduates of this field can specialize in the following fields:

1) Preparation of Urban and Regional Planning (comprehensive, detailed, structural, city, conductor)

2) urban and regional consulting to executives and high-ranking officials.

3) Performing activities in municipalities.

Graduate of urban planning can operate in the following positions:

Areas of work in this field in Iran are highly varied; from activities in the public sector, the Organization of Management and Planning, Municipalities, Ministry of Interior, governorate and other organs of the Interior Ministry, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, to activities in the private sector, companies of urbanism, architecture, regional planning Consulting engineers and so on.

The following are some of the areas of work in which graduates can practice their knowledge:

1) Preparation of Urban and Regional Planning (comprehensive, detailed, structural, city, conductor)

2) urban and regional consulting to executives and high-ranking officials.

3) activities in municipalities.

4) Activities in governorate.

5) The relevant ministries (Housing and Urban Development, Transportation, Country).

6) monitoring buildings with more than 8 floors according to the relevant laws.

7) carrying out landscaping projects, land separation, district design and ...

8) planning and design of various towns (residential, industrial, commercial)

9) planning and designing new cities.

10) locating the various elements of urban and land use.

11) the ability to set up and use of GIS.

12) Expert activities with other groups in various projects.

13) activity in the private and semi-private consultations for urbanism, architecture, civil, urban planning, regional planning and so on.

One of the main necessities to set up the fields and trends of urban planning is the terrible situation of historical districts of the historic city of Kashan. On the other hand, historic value of the city as a tourism center (historic houses, market) as well as the ancient civilization (Sialk hills) and introducing it to domestic and foreign tourists has urged the need for the establishment of the field.