Environmental Sciences

By increasing serious problems in Iran and especially in Kashan such as water crisis and air pollution increase, Environment program was founded in 2012 in order to research on environment in all areas of Kashan, IRAN. This field of study has the following branches:

  1. Environment Pollution
  2. Land Assessment and Logistics
  3. Biodiversity and Settlement Assessment

At the present time, University of Kashan has Environment Pollution program. The department of environmental sciences has conducted actively trying to make it to the most trustful laboratory of environmental sciences in the region.

Department of environmental sciences is doing research on the following areas:

  1. Toxicology Habitat
  2. Environmental Risk Assessment
  3. Application of Geographic Information System
  4. Remote Test in Environmental Sciences
  5. Test and Monitoring Pollutant in the Environment
  6. Water Pollution
  7. Soil and Air
  8. Methods of Absorbing Different Pollutant From Waste through Adsorption
  9. Application of Nanotechnology in Environmental Sciences

Department of environmental sciences has an active and close relationship with NGOs and Municipality.

Students who study this major not only do research on recognizing different pollutant in environment and monitoring methods but also learn different methods of pollutants from matrix of water, soil and air.

The aim is to familiarize the students with environment problems practically and to teach how to obviate the problems technically. The graduated students can work as an expert in environment or HSE in private companies. The most important governmental organizations which include job vacancies are as follows:

  1. Organization of Environmental Protection
  2. Ministry of  Power
  3. Ministry of  Oil
  4. Ministry of  Industry, Mine, and Trade