Combating Desertification

In order to improve the scientific and research levels, the department of combating desertification was founded in 2009 for comprehensive recognition of desert areas of Iran in terms of natural, human, social and the other issues related to the life in order to improve not only desert areas but also the life condition of the people who live in these areas. Department of combating desertification has both the hardware and software facilities in which the hardware developments are the result of software evolution. Department of combating desertification has laboratory and research equipment which can be used in the following areas:

  1. Climate Changes
  2. Ecosystem Change at dry and desert areas
  3. Wind Erosion
  4. Ecophysiology
  5. Ecohydrology of dry and desert areas
  6. Water Efficiency
  7. Telemetry Studies
  8. Crisis Management
  9. Non-Executive Defense in Water Resources and Natural Hazards

The characteristics of this department are to have talented, young and high capacity students in B.A, M.A and Ph.D. The other characteristics of this department are to train the specialists and M.A and Ph.D. students at the international level. Department of combating desertification has published the Desert Ecosystem Engineering Journal (DEEJ) which is active on researches in arid areas at the national and international level.

Graduated students of combating desertification department are active in conducting research due to their good scientific competence. Regarding to the qualitative development process, the graduated students are also capable of doing research in different areas of desert sciences such as dry areas shared on food security, land management in applied areas, changing, destruction, sustainable agriculture, exploitation systems, telemetry and satellite data analysis, Carbon constraint, Political ecology of natural resources, economic politics of agriculture and development, economic botany, ethnoecology and ethnosciences at dry lands (findings, changing and utilization of people from the environment) on globalization, obviation of civil contradiction and civil development in dry and desert areas which may be effective on creating job areas.